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Is Laminate a good choice?

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of timber floorboards, but your budget won’t stretch to them or you’re re-flooring an investment property, laminate floorboards are a great choice. Laminate flooring has several layers including a durable HDF core board and the all-important design layer. It’s this layer that effectively gives laminate its realistic wooden finish.

Today’s technologies (which have come a long way since the ’70s) allow for a high-resolution photo of real wood to be printed and finished with melamine resin. The result is a very realistic, texturally accurate flooring that is extremely easy to install yourself thanks to a click-and-lock system.

Most good-quality laminate flooring comes with a stain-resistant top layer to prevent against marks and, in a game-changing move, Quick-Step Impressive Ultra, a water-resistant flooring that can be used in bathrooms (as well as other areas) thanks to its unique joint technology and HydroSeal coating.

Aside from being cost effective and easy to install, laminate also boasts a closed surface structure making it virtually impossible for dust and dirt to accumulate within the flooring. That’s not only good news for families, but those with allergies, too. The multi-layered flooring is so durable that warranties of 25 years are standard with purchase on quality laminates. It’s advisable to check the slip rating when selecting your laminate flooring if you’re using it in high traffic areas.

What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is the description given to a floor board that has been manufactured using different materials. Typically a high quality engineered board is engineered using a wear layer of 3 to 6mm in thickness of a decorative hardwood on a substructure of moisture resistant plywood and varies in total thickness From 14 mm to 22mm.

Why is solid timber flooring so expensive?

Timber is a precious material and unfortunately there is only finite amount. As world population continues to grow and demand for timber can only increase due to more houses getting built, it is only natural for timber prices to continue to rise over time. Unlike laminated flooring, the wide oak boards you buy from us would usually take 50 to 150 years to grow before they are logged, processed and made into timber flooring. It’s important to be aware that you’re not just buying floorboards. You’re purchasing something that is old and unique, a part of history. And because every tree grows differently and varies in character, your floor will be individual and only be one of its kind. Because of this uniqueness, there is a mismatch between demand and supply. Like many other precious material on the planet, it is expensive because it appreciates value over time. This is a great investment for your property.

How important is it to have a level subfloor.

Before any floor is laid, any existing concrete slab or floorboards need to be level so that when the boards are laid, the floor will be even. The installer will check the subfloor condition and see if its level prior to laying the flooring. If it is deemed uneven, usually concrete and leveling will be needed.

Is SPC Hybrid Vinyl 100% waterproof and safe?

SPC Hybrid Floorboards that we stock are 100% waterproof and chemically safe. They are super popular as an lay and forget floorboard. They are perfect for apartments/units, houses and kitchens.
Having an investment property, you need peace of mind, SPC Hybrid gives you that and more with lifetime warranty on the structure.

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